November 13, 2019

The 5th Annual Bled Compliance and Ethics Conference takes place

WISE Institute co-organized the annual Bled Compliance and Ethics Conference in collaboration with EISEP institute, IEDC, and SI.Risk.

The focus of this year conference was compliance, technology and global risks. A big success with over 120 participants, the conference grew to a regional stage with a big increase of participants coming from neighbouring and Southeastern European countries

Over the two days, lectures and discussions built on how technology and artificial intelligence influence compliance and ethical aspects of business operations, and what impact this has on a compliance and risk management profession. Major global risks, their effects on compliance and risk management and the role of technology in global risks development were also discussed.

The conclusion of the conference was that the corporate compliance is tracking along two trends – one that emphasizes the company’s culture, meaning the company’s adoption, communication and adherence to a code of ethical strictures guiding day-to-day activities.

In parallel, companies are seeking efficient technologies and automated solutions with quickly advancing platforms and technical capabilities to promote and ensure compliance.

These two themes are not competing nor mutually-exclusive.  If done right, they work in tandem and reinforce each other.  Or as prof. Purg stated: “high tech must bring high touch”.