Institute Profile

With offices in Slovenia, Germany, South Africa and China and headquartered at IEDC-Bled School of Management, WISE aims to serve professionals in the field of sustainable business (encompassing business ethics, CSR and sustainability) within rising economies through practice relevant research, education and networks. Our goal is to develop an ongoing research and educational agenda to drive integrated sustainability and to facilitate the implementation of best practices within rising economies.

WISE addressesthe unique needs of sustainability professionals in rising economies through:

  • Context-relevant research
  • Professional development and certification
  • Networking events 

Good Business is Good for Business/Doing Good is Good for Business

In today’s global economy, there is increased responsibility to consider social and environmental factors when companies conduct business. CSR approach to business focuses on the social, environmental and financial performance of a company—the triple bottom line — with the goal being to positively impact society while achieving business success.  


Sustainable Development Goals

  • Quality Education - Providing relevant and responsible education
  • Reduced Inequalities - Creating environments that nurture equality
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth - Providing decent work to foster economic growth
  • Responsible Consumption and Production - Doing more and better with less
  • Climate Action - Maximum well being for minimal planetary impact
  • Partnerships for the Goals - Connecting Research, Industry and Education‍