October 19, 2018

Conference on Compliance and Ethics

IEDC, Bled, Slovenia

October 18-19, 2018

WISE organised the Conference on Compliance and Ethics in collaboration with EISEP institute. The main topic of the conference was Reputational Risk and was a big success with over 150 participants in the two days. To present the conference topics, excellent regional and international professionals were invited to give their presentations. They talked about how unethical leaders can suppress the progress of a whole country and how ethical leaders have the power to change the world for the better; About the added value of ethics and it’s role for a successful business, what are the competitive advantages of a good corporate communication and how a good compliance program can reduce the reputational risk. Speakers and participants also talked about the influence that the development of international sanctions has for businesses, about new standards for transparency and what are common topics on solving the contrasting interests in the public and private sector relationship.