June 6, 2019

Trends in CSR Conference: Me, Us, All

Together with Ekvilib Institute and IEDC Coca-Cola Chair of Sustainable Development, WISE is co-organising the Annual International Conference on Trends in CSR with this year’s focus on individual, corporate and systemic levels of responsibility.

Topics covered

On individual level:

  • Social responsibility and sustainable development as an individual approach
  • How to become an authentic individual with strong self-awareness and awareness of the world around him?
  • Gaps between personal values ​​and values ​​of the company or the values ​​of the system
  • Organisational culture of a company and its influence on the individual

On organisational level:

  • How to establish such an organisational culture that supports social responsibility and sustainable development?
  • Can the company be socially active and, with new ways, breaks down traditional models and beliefs?
  • How is continuous growth possible on a limited planet?
  • Is sustainable development just a new business opportunity with unchanged business practices and does not really make the necessary changes?


On systemic level

  • Are we helpless as individuals without systemic changes and cooperation?
  • What drives individuals with their vision and determination to warn us of the inequity and insecurity of the existing system?
  • How to trigger a wave of changes as an individual or individual company /organisation?



  • Prof. Danica Purg, Dean of IEDC - Bled School of Management
  • Aleš Kranjc Kušlan, director of Ekvilib Institute, member of Administrative Board of Network for Social Responsibility of Slovenia
  • Natasha Lazareski, director of PsyFlex Pty Ltd, Australia
  • Matej Feguš, director of Donar d.o.o.
  • Rok Rozman, the initiator of the Balkan Rivers Tour campaign
  • Živa Lopatič, Ustvarjalna Zadruga Buna
  • Sonja Klopčič, co-creator of collaborative leadership in conscious organizations, change agent
  • Roberto Biloslavo, University of Primorska, Koper
  • Andreja Cepuš, Founder and Leading Force of ENVIR.SI, platform for Accelerating Conscious Creation